Katy Perry’s Career? Never Really Over

Following the undisputed flop that was 2017’s Witness, an album jam packed with cringey political statements and hackneyed attempts at appearing ‘woke’, Katy Perry is back at her beautiful, belting best. Is the title ‘Never Really Over’ a reference to Perry’s ‘Prism’ era? Without a doubt, this single could quite comfortably hold its own alongside the likes of ‘Roar’ and ‘Dark Horse’.

The result of her second collaboration with Zedd, the single samples Dagny’s 2017 track ‘Love You Like That’, and retains the Norwegian pop star’s static, staccato melodies to create a real earworm of a song, whilst leaving plenty of space for Perry to showcase her signature soaring vocals.

The inherent catchiness of the track’s hook is enough for us to excuse the fact that she rhymes ‘over’ with ‘over’ a grand total of six times: ‘Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s really over/And if I think it over, maybe you’ll be coming over again/And I’ll have to get over you all over again’. ‘Never Really Over’ is synth-heavy, yet bright; the post-breakup narrative is relatable without being cheesy.

Perry has showered this track with musical intrigue; the ‘Baba O’Riley’ style chords at the end of the bridge take us back in time, whilst a military-style drum loop keeps us, quite appropriately, ‘Chained to the Rhythm’.

Although I can almost imagine this track, with its graceful descending harmonies, finding a place on a Haim album, the overall style is equally reminiscent of (former enemy) Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, ‘1989’.

Either way, ‘Never Really Over’ represents a triumphant comeback for Perry, and surely is a very strong contender for ‘song-of-summer’ 2019.

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