Susie: New Kid on the Block

Susie is the next big thing in alternative pop. At just fifteen years old, the Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter is an up-and-comer with a staggering sense of personal identity and an innate musicality.

Her nine-track debut ‘Blonde Wave’ was released earlier this month.

The album is a pleasingly eclectic twist on traditional notions of ‘teen pop’. Don’t be fooled by Susie’s relative youth; she’s a musical old soul. Her haunting vocals match those of a young Regina Spektor, whilst her crunchy harmonies and layered vocals recall some of Sia’s earliest work (see ‘Smile Too Wide’ in particular).

Lead single ‘Bummer Summer’ is a dreamy reflection on the ups and downs of adolescence, set to a ninties-inspired funk beat. Susie evokes the likes of Izzy Bizu with her breathy high register, dancing through leaping melodic lines over a bed of retro synths.

Despite the overriding mood of the album being one of teenage angst, ‘Blonde Wave’ can’t help but feel more like a collection of lullabies. From the nods to old-school jazz on ‘Winter in Southern California’ to the gentle melismas of ‘Dream on Darling’, these songs are warm, cozy and satisfying.

‘Blonde Wave’ is an album for both the young and young at heart. Susie’s melodies are quirky and assured; her voice carries a maturity far greater than her fifteen years. With such a promising debut, she’s sure to continue to make waves, blonde or otherwise.

This post was funded by the artist.

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