Maddi Fraser, Lauren Hall & Heather Youmans: a Supergroup with Soul

Today marks the release of a much-anticipated collaboration between three incredibly powerful female voices. The all-new video sees ‘The Voice’ alumni Maddi Fraser and Lauren Hall join forces with American Idol’s Heather Youmans for a stripped-back rendition of Shania Twain’s 1998 mega-anthem ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’.

Stylistically, this cover is pleasingly faithful to Haim’s execution of the same song back in 2017; a crisp bass marries with soft keys, percussive hits and unshakeable three-part harmonies, constructing an understated groove that oozes style from start to finish.

Maddi Fraser opens the song with commanding presence and a robust, raw vocal. Her delivery packs a weighty punch; a clear flair for performance shines through in the plosive power of her line ‘so you think you’re Brad Pitt?’

Heather Youmans follows; her spotlight verse shows off an impressive vocal dexterity. Her silky tone is a delight, and moments of light and shade reveal a skilful duality to her higher register.

Lauren Hall picks up the third verse in a voice brimming with soul and attitude. A clearly accomplished vocalist, her dulcet tones glide seemingly effortlessly through each line of this iconic bop.

Fraser, Hall and Youmans are equal forces to be reckoned with. Their collective performance demonstrates an inherent musicality and substantial vocal talent, all the while maintaining a delicious air of nonchalance. The power-trio delivers a sultry, sophisticated re-imagining of a nineties classic that, in actual fact, impresses me quite a lot.

This post was funded by the artist.


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